‘Surrender To The Feeling’ Launch Event

Miel launched her latest album 'Surrender to the Feeling' with a live event in London. A magical evening filled with beautiful music.

  • 5th April 2019

To celebrate the launch of Miel’s latest album ‘Surrender to the Feeling’, friends and family gathered together at the Lindley Hall, London to listen to the singer perform the newest tracks.

The evening was filled with laughter and joy as Miel stole the stage and blew the whole audience away with her outstanding performance. Guests described a warm and personal launch event, enjoyed with wonderful dancing.

Giving something back

Miel was inspired to write and produce ‘Surrender to the Feeling’ as a way of giving back to her followers, who have made dreams become reality on this magical journey. The album features songs inspired by nature and the world in which we all live, beautifully telling a story very close to Miel’s heart.

The deep story behind the lyrics and songs could be felt by all at the live launch event, meaning everyone connected and, together, enjoyed the first showcase of 10 new tracks.  


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