One Day Like This - 2015 UK Tour

  • 24th September 2015
  • One Day Like This UK Tour 2015

Living and Absolutely Loving the Dream…

This Autumn, from the 24th September – 21st November, fans attending X-Factor’s Rhydian Roberts’s ‘One Day Like This Tour’ were treated to supporting performances from Miel de Botton on several dates around the UK. Having enjoyed touring with John Barrowman so much earlier in the year, Miel was so excited to have the chance to join Rhydian on this road this Autumn.

Miel began supporting Rhydian at the Ashcroft Theatre in Croydon on 24th September 2015, then visiting seven more venues around the UK. The final performance to finish off the tour was held at the Theatre Royal in Margate on 21st November.

Miel joined Rhydian Roberts at the following performances:

  • 24-Sept: Ashcroft Theatre, Croydon.
  • 02-Oct: Floral Pavilion, New Brighton.
  • 08-Oct: Playhouse, Western Super Mare.
  • 15-Oct: Concorde Club, Eastleigh.
  • 26-Oct: Town Hall, Cheltenham.
  • 30-Oct: The Alban Arena, St. Albans.
  • 18-Nov: Sage, Gateshead.
  • 21-Nov: Theatre Royal, Margate.

“The chance to perform and meet new fans was just so fantastic, and I absolutely love performing live on stage. This year has been life-changing for me, having the chance to tour with two well-established, wonderful artists like John Barrowman and Rhydian Roberts is a dream come true.“

Fans in attendance were treated to a mixture of intimate French chansons, inspired by her father’s love of singing these songs to her when she was young, as well as Miel’s own songs from her debut album, ‘Magnetic’.

With 18 songs in total, ‘Magnetic’ features self-penned English and French songs as well as classic French chansons,  reinterpreted in innovative ways by Miel.

A particular highlight for Miel on the tour was her first performance sharing the stage with Rhydian at the Ashcroft Theatre. After introducing herself to her audience, many of whom were new fans, Miel sung live versions of ‘Beautiful You’, ‘Dazzle Me Diamond’ (the next single), her brand new song ‘Bittersweet’ and a particularly beautiful version of ‘Magnetic’, the title track from her newly released debut album.

At the end of the tour, Rhydian turned to Miel and said, ‘I really admire that you are living out your passions and especially to such a high level.’

Miel’s Tour Setlist Included:

  1. La Java Bleue
  2. Beautiful You
  3. Dazzle Me Diamond
  4. Bittersweet
  5. Je ne Regrette Rien
  6. Vivement La Joie
  7. Magnetic

This year has been truly unforgettable for Miel. If you would like to hear more about Miel you can follow her on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram for all the latest news, updates and behind the scenes glimpses of Miel’s journey! Magnetic is now available to order from iTunes and Amazon.