Performing As a Special Guest with Wet Wet Wet

  • 9th May 2019

Almost Halfway Through the Live Performances

Miel has now performed three of the seven special guest performances on the Wet Wet Wet UK tour. This experience has allowed Miel to share her latest music, from the album ‘Surrender to the Feeling’, with new audiences and has given fans a chance to hear Miel perform live.

Sharing The Experience

As Miel travels up and down the country to perform, she is joined by some very special individuals and dear friends. Miel’s band and exec-producer of the newest album, Andy Wright, have joined to support and perform alongside Miel. Working wonderfully together has led true friendships to form and this magical connection really comes to life when they step onto the stage. Sharing this experience together has been truly incredible for Miel and her team, with each performance leaving smiles on everyone's faces.

The Magical Journey Continues

There are still four dates left on Miel’s Wet Wet Wet special guest calendar, with the final performance taking place in London at the Adelphi Theatre. For the full list of venues please read here. Miel is so thankful for all the love and support she has received so far, and cannot wait to continue her touring journey.