Miel starts second album project 

  • 1st December 2017

Following the success of ‘Magnetic’, Miel is pleased to announce that she is writing new material for a second album.

 “The past couple of years have been fulfilling and hugely exhilarating. From putting pen to paper and crafting the lyrics to working on the arrangements with my producer Andy Wright – to recording at Abbey Road Studios and performing across the UK with the support of the most kind-hearted and talented band – I am truly grateful for the whole experience and all those who have been a part of it.

The audiences, the people who listen and share my music, the supportive voices on social media, my team and everyone around me, thank you.

And now I’m excited to do it all again. As with any creative endeavor, you don’t know where it will take you, but I look forward to a more reflective period, writing lyrics to share my experience of life and love – and giving voice to causes I believe in.”

‘Magnetic’ included French and English songs with stories of love, heartache and powerful messages such as protecting nature and the experiencing magnetic force of the universe. It received critical acclaim and with its success, Miel also unexpectedly gained top positions on the dance charts with ‘Come on Baby’ and ‘Dazzle Me Diamond’!

If you would like to follow Miel’s creative journey and be a part of the next chapter, you can follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.