Miel performs at the WWF’s International Duke of Edinburgh Conservation Award

  • 5th October 2018

A day of music and inspiration this October

Miel was honoured to attend the International Duke of Edinburgh Conservation Award on 2 October, hosted by the WWF: the world’s leading and most recognised independent conservation organisation.

The singer-songwriter performed her new song ‘I Was Given Nature’ from her upcoming EP in front of a distinguished room of guests. The heartfelt lyrics and soft vocals were complemented by the melodic notes of Sam Swallow on keyboard during the intimate session, against a screened WWF backdrop video.

Miel shares the World Wildlife Fund for Nature’s passionate advocacy of environmental issues at a critical time in our history for our planet. WWF International’s Duke of Edinburgh Conservation Award is the organisation’s most coveted prize, which recognises highly commendable contributions to the conservation of wildlife and natural resources. This year was no exception with an award winner and line up of panellists at the forefront of worldwide conservation.

Special praise must go to Andre Hoffman: the deserved winner of this years’ star award. In his role as president of the MAVA Foundation, Andre advocates tirelessly for long-term sustainable solutions in business whilst promoting the conservation of biodiversity around the world for the benefit of people and our natural ecosystems. His passion came through effortlessly during his acceptance speech, which preceded Miel’s live performance during the afternoon.

Looking back on a remarkable event

Miel shared the stage with a distinguished and diverse panel to explore ‘A new deal for nature and people’, which covered how conservation can achieve change, the world beyond climate change, natural loss of oceans and forests and the repercussions for our biodiversity.

The panel consisted of President of the MAVA Foundation and this year’s award winner, Andre Hoffman; WWF International President and Founder, and CEO of GIST Advisory, Pavan Sukhdev; Secretary General at Ramsar Convention on Wetlands, Martha Rojas Urrego; and Dominic Waughray: Head of the World Economic Forum Centre for Global Public Goods.

Miel and her team would like to thank everyone involved with the award ceremony for a wonderful day:

“It was a truly unforgettable way to present ‘I Was Given Nature’ from my new EP and a great milestone in my musical journey. I was proud to share the day with so many who give so much to the preservation of our beautiful planet.

“To be able to contribute to the discussion around how we halt and reverse the decline in our natural environment was a particularly special highlight and my aspirations as an environmental advocate and artist are now bigger than ever. Each year keeps getting better and I am appreciative of all the support and love I receive along the way.”

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