Dazzle Me Diamond Out Now

  • 11th March 2016

"Dazzle Me Diamond"

‘Dazzle Me Diamond’ is out now! It’s the third single to be taken from Miel’s debut album ‘Magnetic’. Written by Miel and produced by Andy Wright (Simply Red, Eurythmics, Jeff Beck, Simple Minds) ‘Dazzle Me Diamond’ is a song of hope, happiness and love…

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“A mesmerising and inspiring anthem of hope and self-confidence” - London Macadam

The inspiration behind Dazzle Me Diamond

“I had been asked to perform at a Sotheby’s diamond auction event taking place in the Alps and decided to write a song for this occasion. I looked at my engagement ring and thought of the hope and happiness that was symbolised by the ring and, in particular, the diamond with its sparkle and light.

The song is deeply personal and emotional….wishing and hoping that the powerful diamond might give, once again, the happiness of a younger day.” - Miel de Botton

The song’s symbolism of strength and survival is united with a beautiful, pulsating soundscape to create an uplifting and hypnotic celebration of hope and faith.

Miel’s whole debut album ‘Magnetic’ is a musical autobiography – that includes the songs of her early childhood growing up in Switzerland as well as self-penned songs inspired by her own life in England.

“The video for my latest single – Dazzle Me Diamond – was filmed in Switzerland – it’s such a special place for me. Switzerland is where I grew up and in even back in those early years, music inspired me. The ability to enjoy walks by the lakes and in the mountains with music filling my head was simply dazzling!”