“Birds without Borders” – in association with the RSPB

“Glued, poisoned, trapped, shot” – millions and millions of birds across the Mediterranean are being illegally killed and it’s serious.

  • 12th September 2015

Numbers are declining more rapidly than ever before and we are likely to lose many rare species of birds that inhabit the area.

I felt very honoured when the RSPB asked me last year to write a song for their campaign ‘Birds without Borders‘. It is a cause which moves me very much and I have tried to help them in every way to raise awareness of the illegal hunting of these birds – who in this situation, have no voice.

You can download or stream ”Birds without Borders” for free here: 


Please download this song and share the message far and wide!

We need your voice too. 

“Let there be birds without borders. Let there be men without guns…”

Thank you for supporting this cause.

Miel x